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The Leadership and Staff of Haiti Fund Inc.

The Officers of Haiti Fund, Inc. as of December 2011.

  • Kelvin Carter, Executive Director
  • Robert J. Noel, Board Chairman
  • Michael Reed, Acting Corporate Secretary
  • Chris Lewis, Treasurer

The Board of Directors meets twice a year, usually in February and July, and the Executive Committee has regular meetings four times per year, and on an ad hoc basis.

Under the direction of the Board, the Executive Director is responsible for managing the business and affairs of the corporation.

L’Acul Leaders/Directors in Haiti

The expansion of the impact of CODEP over a larger area, with more people involved, has led the Board of Directors to define the leadership in Haiti as two separate positions.

The new position is Director of L’Acul Operations, which could be an individual or couple. Dale and Ingram Caswell of Ponte Vedre Beach, Florida are the first designees for this position. They arrived in February 2011 with the understanding that their role would be to manage the facility at L’Acul and to host visiting groups. Dale is an Architect by training and before retirement was employed in facility construction and management positions. Ingram supervised the x-ray department at Shands Hospital in Jacksonville. They are a wonderful host and hostess team for the visiting groups.

The Director of HFI Operations is a management position, responsible for the integration of the mission and goals of HFI in Haiti. Bridging these gaps will be a challenge. Business and agricultural competency will be important parts of the skill set. He/she/they will be the interface between the Haitian culture and the US culture. Candidates have been interviewed but the selection has been deferred due to current budget constraints. Haiti Fund Inc. Executive Director John Winings has temporarily assumed the role of Director of L’Acul Operations in addition to that of Executive Director. Since July 2010 he and his wife Debbie they have been splitting their time between the US and Haiti. We applaud their dedication.

Animators in CODEP
Animator is the term used for the team leaders of workers who do the actual labor needed to manage nurseries, create soil stabilizing ditches and ramps, and plant the trees. Each animator has a crew of people for whom he is responsible.

Animators regularly meet to discuss and decide on the direction and scope of work done as well as report hours worked, etc. to the Chief Animator, Mr. Edvy Durandice.  Edvy is like the animator’s animator.  He oversees and keeps them organized and focused, as well as providing monthly reports.
More about the Animators



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How to Contact Us

Haiti Fund Inc.
P.O. Box 1068
New Bern, NC 28562


Executive Director
Kelvin I. Carter
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Phone: 650-694-7229