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Discovery Trip

For individual donors and church groups, CODEP has a long-established protocol for visitations where people have an opportunity take a week to visit the project, get to know the people, and, depending on the circumstances, assist in some way with work in the project.

Potential donors may want to gain this understanding, but because of busy work schedules, don’t have time to spend a full week with a group.  Accordingly, we are setting up four specific periods for visits by as many as 15 people who would fly to Port-au-Prince, stay at CODEP’s guest house for three nights, and then return home on the fourth day.  For example, fly to PAP on Monday, depart Thursday, and spend two full days in CODEP.

The specifics of each trip depends on the project and what is going on, but the basic plan is to collect at the guest house (transportation can be provided) on Monday for dinner.  Tuesday, all day, we will tour the project and Wednesday, we will discuss the project, including visits with some of the management team so they can be asked questions and explain things from their points of view. Over dinner Wednesday we will discuss opportunities and prospective plans, and we depart early Thursday morning.  Visitors can stay another day in Port-au-Prince or head out that day for the states. For further information, please contact:  execdirector@haitifundinc.org



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