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HFI Board

Haiti Fund Inc./Board Members


  • Kelvin I. Carter, Cary, NC – Board Chairman – Kelvin is an active Environmental Engineer with a specialty in air quality management. After spending thirty years working to protect workers and the environment from hazards in heavy industry, his practice is focused on indoor environments in occupied buildings.  Kelvin and his wife Ann live in Cary, NC and are members of Hope Community Church in Raleigh.
  • Steve Bevill, Oriental, NC – Corporate Treasurer – Steve is a retired Certified Public Accountant and has spent a long career in health care and hospital financial management.  He currently does accounting work for several corporations.  He is a member of Christ Episcopal Church in New Bern, NC.
  • William George, Midlothian, VA – Corporate Secretary – William has been a board member since 2006 and has been active for many years in Haiti. He is a retired sales executive of Reynolds Metals in Richmond. He is a member of Crestwood Presbyterian Church of Midlothian.
  • Donald Dunn, Wake Forest, NC – Executive Director – Donald has been the executive director of Haiti Fund, Inc. since May, 2005. He worked in the chemical and graphite industries before coming to Wake Forest where he worked as CEO and change agent for several small companies. He is a Ruling Lay Pastor and is commissioned to the position of Executive Director of Haiti Fund which is a Validated Ministry of New Hope Presbytery. Since June, 2010, John has lived mostly in Haiti, as interim Director of CODEP. He speaks fluent Kreyòl.
  • Anthony Briner, Apex, NC – Anthony is a long time board member, and worked for many years as an electrical engineer for IBM.  He has been to Haiti over 50 times since 1995. He is fluent in Kreyòl and French and designed the electrical system at the CODEP guest quarters in Haiti. He is a member of Cary Presbyterian Church.
  • Mary Hill, New York, NY – Mary is a long time member of the board and is a financial asset specialist and consultant working in a variety of places around the world evaluating asset-based companies. Mary lives in Manhattan and is a member at 5th Avenue Presbyterian Church.
  • Bernice Wilson, Studley, VA – Bernice has dedicated his life to working in a variety of mission projects in Latin America and the Caribbean. He is retired from AT&T, where he served in maintenance and facility management. He is a member of New Hanover Presbyterian Church in Mechanicsville, VA.
  • Amy Hall, Raleigh, NC – Amy is a graduate of Davidson College and Duke University with a Masters degree in Forest Management. She has recently retired from her post as Project Management Group Leader in the Natural Environment Section of the NC Dept of Transportation and is a member and ruling elder of St. Andrews Presbyterian Church in Raleigh. Elizabeth is currently learning Kreyòl and looks forward to providing translating services for groups traveling to Haiti, in addition to insight into the environmental benefits of the CODEP work.
  • Earl Webster, Jr., Raleigh, NC – Earl is a retired corporate planner and executive  who spent many years with Progress Energy in Raleigh and other locations. He is a member of St. Michaels Episcopal Church in Raleigh.
  • Matthew F. Young, New Bern, NC – Matthew is the senior pastor at First Presbyterian Church, New Bern. This is the church where the concept and idea of comprehensive development in Haiti first originated. He brings extensive experience in large church leadership. He graduated from Yale Divinity School, and received his Doctor of Ministry from Union Seminary in Richmond, VA.
  • Howard Merrick, Altamonte Springs, FL – Howard is an independent businessman and investor. Howard worked in the technology industry for many years, eventually selling his company to investors at the peak of its success. He is also an investor in the Social Enterprise Fund and in Caribbean Harvest; both companies work in development projects in Haiti. He is a member of Maitland Presbyterian Church near Orlando.
  • Mary Hix, Wake Forest, NC – Mary is retired Senior Vice-President – Strategic/Community Service of Wake-Med Health and Hospitals, Raleigh, NC. She has had a long career in health and hospital services in the US. She holds BS and MS degrees from Purdue and Ohio University in Food in Business and Journalism/Advertising respectively. She is a member of Church of the Nativity (Episcopal), Raleigh.
  • Barry Milano, Midlothian, VA – Barry has spent a long career in agribusiness and has worked with USAID organizations for over 40 years. Having lived in Brazil, Angola, and the Ukraine, he is quite familiar with how agriculture development works in lesser developed countries. He has MS and PhD’s from Purdue University in Agricultural Economics/Marketing and a BS in Animal Science from the University of Connecticut. He is a member of Salisbury Presbyterian Church, Midlothian, VA.
  • Jack Avilla – Board Member Emeritus (Deceased) – Jack was the founder of Haiti Fund, Inc., and its first President. Jack’s vision has borne fruit in everything that the project is now. Jack passed in 2014 and will forever remain in the memories of his family, friends and the 1400+ people who work in the project.

Haiti Fund, Inc./Advisory Board Members

  • Jason M. Zimmerman, Midlothian, VA – Jason has been a board member for several years. He is retired from Virginia Dominion Power Company where he was corporate risk manager. John is a member of Salisbury Presbyterian Church in Midlothian, VA.
  • Rodney N. Trumble, Youngsville, NC – Rodney is retired from a career in the US Air Force who now works for a US government contractor. He specializes in intelligence gathering and processing. He is a member of the Wake Forest Presbyterian Church.
  • Keith R. Snead, New Bern, NC – Keith, an long time board member, lives in New Bern and has recently retired from operating his own business in remediation of building systems, especially building water and drainage. He is an engineering graduate of University of Kansas.
  • Pedro B. Watford, Maitland, FL – Pedro is a retired entrepreneur and businessman who is active in the Social Enterprise Fund (our partner organization) and lives in Port Maitland, FL near Orlando. He has had a lifetime of business interests and remains committed to assisting CODEP in its efforts in Haiti.
  • Christian P. Adkins, N. Chesterfield, VA – Christian, a North Carolina native is a graduate of NC State and works in Richmond, VA area for Stefanini, Inc., an international IT company. He and his wife, Rev. Elizabeth Codington McGuire, Associate Pastor of Salisbury Presbyterian Church, Midlothian VA, have a son, John Howell, born in November, 2012.
  • Lora M. Aguilera, Newton Grove, NC – Lora, a Ruling Elder in New Hope Presbytery is a long-time member ofUnity Presbyterian Church in Newton Grove. She is active in the women’s organization in the presbytery and has a special interest in getting the CODEP word out in smaller churches in the presbytery.
  • Donald S. Singleton, Atlanta, GA – Donald has been a board member for four years, and was a post-college intern at CODEP, following which he attended Cornell and received a Masters in Natural Resources. For the past three years, he has worked in Cap Haitien for MFK (Medicines for Kids), a St. Louis based organization which manufactures medicated peanut butter. He speaks Kreyòl fluently. He now is married and lives in Atlanta.
  • Jeffrey M. Thompsonshaft, Annapolis, MD – Jeffrey is a retired plant manager and business executive who formerly was plant manager of a large power plant in Maryland. He is a longtime CODEP supporter of CODEP and is an elder/member of First Presbyterian Church, Annapolis, NC.
  • Jerry E. Johnson, Washington, NC – Jerry has bachelors and masters degrees in Forestry from VPI and SU. A native of Long Island, he came to North Carolina in the forest products industry. He is the principal of East Carolina Imports. Russell is a member and ruling elder of First Presbyterian Church in Washington.
  • Dillon C. Williams, Winston-Salem, NC – Dillon is past board chairman and has been a member of the board for 8 years. Dillon is the Pastor of Parkway Presbyterian Church in Winston-Salem, NC. A PCUSA Teaching Elder, he is a graduate of Rutgers University and Union Theological Seminary in Richmond.
  • Jesica T. Nasser, Concord, NC – Jesica is a member of All Saints Episcopal Church in Concord, NC. She has been active in CODEP for many years, and has provided innumerable tools and supplies for Lakil through the graces of her church and her suppliers at Ferguson Electric, where she is a buyer of supplies sold through Ferguson throughout North Carolina.



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