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December 15, 2013

On a cool, sunny, and dry (for Haiti) December day, with the after-service choir practicing next door, one thinks of the future and what it will bring our partners in CODEP.  Much has happened this past year:

  • a good start to the second year of the Duklo CODEP School, with a total of 42 students enrolled
  • completion of the new depot, which will house the variety of CODEP brand name products we will begin to package and sell; both of these thanks to Building Goodness Foundation, our superb partner
  • more than doubling the number of work groups and people as we expanded into CODEP ‘2’
  • significantly increased independence on the part of CODEP ‘1’ groups
  • strong movement by all the animators toward better leadership skills

Friday and Saturday marked the first-ever animator retreat at Lakil.  We met all day Friday, the animators stayed overnight with their spouses joining us for a luncheon ‘Fèt’ yesterday.  It was a wonderful, laugh-filled time and a significant motivator for the animators and their families.
But, much more impressive was the preparation and presentation, unbidden by me, of a list of objectives for CODEP for 2014, specific activities the animators want to carry out, and an attached budget for all these which they presented, discussed thoroughly, and adopted as their plan for the coming year.
Among the goals/programs are:

  • an increase in the number of contour ditches for next year
  • a slight reduction in the number of trees planted (so other programs can be completed)
  • a plan for use of the depot to prepare and sell products to provide income for CODEP workers
  • a plan to dig and stock 50 new earthen fish ponds as a source of food
  • organize and use three Chèf Ekips from CODEP 1 to help in CODEP 2, and, in the process, train these three people as future animators

There are several more, but one can clearly see they are budgeting time, marshaling resources, and, in effect, managing their project with skill and commitment.
They are fully aware that it is difficult to raise money in the US, and they are acting as responsible stewards of CODEP and its many aspects.
So, at this time of year, and in the spirit of the superb work that all of the people of CODEP are doing, we ask you to be sure that CODEP gets the support it needs to continue on its march toward complete independence.
On a personal note, it is difficult for me to express to you how rewarding it is to see the growth in energy, spirit, competence, and leadership across CODEP.  When we talked about which Chèf Ekips to promote to help CODEP 2, there was much discussion of how much expertise each person had.  They chose two men and a woman.  Near the end, one attendee said, “It is important to know the techniques we use, but the real question is can they lead people?”
They get it folks.  This is what development mission is all about.  Please give generously to this wonderful cause.


Grace and peace,                                                       




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