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CODEP’s Animators

If you’ve followed the progress of CODEP in Haiti over the years, you know that one of the key elements to its success is the work of the animators. Pronounced ohn’-i-mah-teur’ these folks are the “experts” in agriculture and answer many questions of the work crews, each of which is led by a “chef” or chief. Some are graduates of St. Barnabas agriculture school in Terrier Rouge in the north of Haiti, others have long experience and have developed and expanded on techniques developed at CODEP.

These people hold regular meetings to discuss the project, develop new strategies for areas, determine the system of incentives and which workers as CODEP members and community groups have earned tin roofs, cisterns and water catchment systems, and houses. These meetings are lively affairs and it might be an understatement to say that there is always agreement among the group. They are leaders who are developing and carrying out the vision of CODEP. Advised by Rick and Kathy Land and April Leese, a recent Penn State forestry graduate (to say nothing of Pittsburgh Theological Seminary), April lives in the mountains, and visits with the work crews and families of CODEP participating community groups every day.

The success of CODEP can best be measured by the some 25 work crews who dig the contour canals and hedge rows, plant vetiver grass and eucalyptus trees, and tend gardens, plant and harvest fruit trees, coffee, and a variety of fish pond projects. But it is the advice and caring love shown by Rick, Kathy, April and the animators which create growing and significant impact on the lives and attitudes of the people in the mountains – the focus of CODEP’s life, ministry, and work.

Please pray for their wisdom, care, and discernment about God’s work and Kingdom in all of Haiti.

Chris Lewis, Chief Animator

Chris Lewis is the manager of APKF, an association of farmers in the Cormier and Fond de Boudin water­sheds which are on both sides of the main road up the mountins. His leadership has provided ways to add to the benefits CODEP provides its members by granting micro loans to people who have economic opportunity. He has had a long term association with CODEP, even though APKF is a separate organization.

Julie Glessner
Pastor Dures



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